Anti-Hairloss Conditioner


Main Function :

This conditioner stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth and stops flakiness. A revitalising formula with spicy aromatic ginger oil and anti-bacterial ingredients. Citrus oil helps to clean and eliminate excess oil on scalp. The combination of pro-vitamin B5 adds shine and body to your hair, leaving it soft, lustrous and manageable. Gentle for daily usage.

Suitable For :

All hair types

Usage :

After Shampooing hair, apply product evenly from roots to the end of your hair while gently massaging it into your hair strands. Rinse off after 5 mins.


Formulated in Japan


* The ingredients part printed on our current batch’s conditioner label is incorrect. The correct ingredient list is on the image provided. We will rectify this error immediately and print our future batches with the correct label. Thank you