Glow 'N Go




Description :

Mila's first ever Certified Halal & Organic Product. 

Give your skin a dose of antioxidants and fine scrubbing agents to gently exfoliate your skin.



ORCHID ESSENTIAL OIL : Helps in skin cell regeneration and deep hydration

ACAI BERRY EXTRACT : Helps in fighting harmful free radicals 

ALMOND OIL : Deeply moisturizes the skin

TURMERIC OIL : Wards off any skin infection



Purified water Q.S, Kokum Butter 10%, Almond oil 10%, Olive oil 5%, Wheat Germ Oil 4%, Plant Cellulose Beads 4%, Acai Berry Extract 4%, Blueberry Extract 3%, Aloe Vera 2%, Olive Leaf Extract 1%,(EcoCert), Coco-Glociside 1% (EcoCert), Turmeric oil 0.5%, Lauryl Olivate (EcoCert), Isomyl Laurate (EcoCert), ((Sorbitan Olivate, Cetearyl Olivate) EcoCert, Vitamin E, Orchid Essential Oil, Botanical Preservative.



Apply required amount of product on wet face and scrub in round circular motion for 2-3 mins. Wash off with cool water. Product advised to use twice weekly.



Parabens, Paraffins, Silicone, PEG, SLS, Alcohol, Synthetic Colours and Fragrances, Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients have been used. 



Though rarely but natural products may cause allergies for some people. A patch test on small area of skin is recommended prior to usage. For external usage only.


EXPIRY : 08/21