Velvet Matte Lipstick (New Collection)

Mannequin (matte lipstick)
Boss (matte lipstick)
2am (matte lipstick)
Wine (matte lipstick)
Sugar Plum (matte lipstick)
Mocha (matte lipstick)
Nova (matte lipstick)
#Goals (matte lipstick)
Abu Dhabi (matte lipstick)
Slay (matte lipstick)
Own It (matte lipstick)
Kiya (matte lipstick)
Empowered (matte lipstick)
Gorgeous (matte lipstick)
Skin (Lip Gloss)
Muave (Lip Gloss)
Love (Lip Gloss)
Dulhan (Lip Gloss)
Merlot (Lip Gloss)
Queen (Lip Gloss)

Our Velvet Matte Lipsticks are back with an all new improvised waterproof formula with 20 shades to choose which will complement women of all skintones. Slay all day!